Pet Chips

SUMEET INDUSTRIES LIMITED has setup fully imported C.P. PLANT (Continuous Poly Condensation Plant) of 100000 Tons per annum capacity under technical guidance of M/s. Huitong Chemical Engineering Technique Co. Limited, China and 10’ lines of Polyester POY / FDY Spinning Plant with annual installed capacity of 48300 Tons per annum as Expansion Cum Backward Integration Project with total cost of Rs. 1450 Million.

Under this project POY / FDY will be produced directly from PTA A and MEG which will reduce cost substantially and will also be very much competitive and the company will be in a position to compete in the market in its price strategy with its peer group.

Apart from its cost advantages, company can ensure good consistent quality of POY/FDY produced on CP Lines because product will be much better than existing product. The Company is also in the process of setting up another 6 MW captive power plant imported from Deutz, Germany, at its existing unit for its proposed project.

Partially Oriented Yarn

POY produced at Sumeet Industries has now become synonymous with high quality POY products being produced to meet the need of new generation 'High-Speed' machines. The company started its polyester operations in the year 2004. We have installed new state of art automatic craft and wings winder plant imported from Barmag, Germany, which is the most latest & cost efficient technology in the world. The initial capacity of the POY Plant was 12500 Tonnes per annum. In the year 2009-10, the company has expanded its capacity from 12500 TPA to 48000 TPA. A wide range of POY products are available for Draw Texturising as well as Air Texturising, Draw Twisting and Draw Warping applications. Company is producing Polyester Semi Dull Intermingled Partially Oriented Yarn as well as Bright Yarn and Dope dyed Black Yarn.