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SUMEET INDUSTRIES LIMITED has setup fully imported C.P. PLANT (Continuous Poly Condensation Plant) of 100000 Tons per annum capacity under technical guidance of M/s. Huitong Chemical Engineering Technique Co. Limited, China and 10’ lines of Polyester POY / FDY Spinning Plant with annual installed capacity of 48300 Tons per annum as Expansion Cum Backward Integration Project with total cost of Rs. 1450 Million.

Under this project POY / FDY will be produced directly from PTA A and MEG which will reduce cost substantially and will also be very much competitive and the company will be in a position to compete in the market in its price strategy with its peer group.

Apart from its cost advantages, company can ensure good consistent quality of POY/FDY produced on CP Lines because product will be much better than existing product. The Company is also in the process of setting up another 6 MW captive power plant imported from Deutz, Germany, at its existing unit for its proposed project.