Corporate Profile

“Sumeet” a diversified conglomerate, run with conviction to make its presence in the Indian Polyester Industry an emerging integrated player as eco friendly supplier of quality of yarns ensuring total customer satisfaction through continuous up gradation & innovation synergizing the advantages of value added product mix.

The Company believes that perfection is something that’s defined by the customer and not by any formula or certificate. We commend prestige in industry for having fulfilled our contracts successfully and timely over the years.

Sumeet Industries Limited (Formerly Known as Sumeet Synthetics Limited) started as a yarn manufacturing unit and has now grown in a huge conglomerate with various business with an annual turnover of Rs.1200.00 Crores.

The company set up its first manufacturing unit of producing 1500 tons P.A. of Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn with project cost of Rs. 200 MN and later increased the capacity of PPMFY to 3900 tons.

Subsequently, the company has set up a Plant to manufacture 12000 MT POY with capital investment of Rs.300 MN. Now the total capacity of the Plant has been increased to 1,00,000 Ton per annum.

Today, Sumeet Industries is one of the leading Polyester value chain company`s in India. Despite company`s focus on Indian market, it never lost the opportunity to cater to the growing polyester markets globally. The Company is exporting to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Argentina, Poland, Portugal, Morocco, Columbia, Bangladesh, Russia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nepal, Brazil, Peru, Algeria, Thailand, USA, Singapore and Turkey etc.

With a commitment to constantly grow, the company has also never lost focus of managing its operations most efficiently and always keeping in mind the interest of its shareholders.

The company has five major divisions: C.P, POY, FDY, Texturising thereby is having an integrated manufacturing facility for producing POY and FDY directly from MEG and PTA, Twisting and Texturising.

The Company’s manufacturing unit have a location advantage being situated in the Surat area. Its location gives its proximity to both raw material suppliers as well as end users. The Production capacity of the Plant is as under:

  • Name of the Product
  • Production Capacity per day ( In Mt )


  • C. P. Plant
  • 288


  • POY
  • 128


  • FDY
  • 147


  • Texturised Yarn
  • 15