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Sumeet Industries Limited pursuing a corporate vision of delivering world class customer experience. Over the years, the company has developed capabilities to customize and improve their product designs by absorbing, adapting and improving the acquired technology both from national and international suppliers. The company has world class in-house lab equipped with fully imported tested equipments for development of yarns consisting varied denier and filaments.

The company is an emerging integrated producer of Pet Chips, Superior quality of POY/FDY, Texturised and Carpet yarns in existence since 21 Years with a consistent track record of profitability and further planning to enhance its manufacturing capacity of both POY and FDY by introducing Bright and Nylon Yarns.

The company has five divisions looking to its product category i.e. Pet Chips, POY Yarn, FDY Yarn, Texturised and Carpet Yarn.

The company has successfully completed its Rs. 400.00 Crores Backward Integration cum Expansion Project in the span of five years and now producing 300 Tons of Polyester Yarns (POY & FDY) per day. The future of the organization holds new promises and to be a company of the future.

The year under review remained as a year of modification in engineering & process to focus on manufacturing value added yarns with diversified applications. In the Current financial year, the company has modified 4 (four) position of its existing FDY Line for Manufacturing Colour FDY Yarns. Colour FDY Yarns will be further processed on 30 Nos. of TFO Machineries which is going to be installed for plying and twisting the yarns. Twisted & Heat set Yarns will finally be used in manufacturing carpets.

The company is also exploring enhancing the capacity of manufacturing recycled chips from Waste Recycling Plant by importing some more machinery of new technologies.

Affordable yarn exporter in Surat

The company’s manufacturing unit have a locational advantages being situated in the Surat area. Its location gives its proximity to both raw material suppliers as well as end users. The production capacity of the plant is as under:

  • Name of the Product
  • Production Capacity per day ( In Mt )
  • Capacity under expansion per day (in Mt)

  • C. P. Plant
  • 288

  • POY
  • 128

  • FDY
  • 147

  • Texturised Yarn
  • 15
  • 15

  • Carpet Yarn
  • 12.5